We receive emails occasionally from people with questions or concerns and thought it may be helpful to post them here with the answers.  NO changes have been made to either the questions or answers. We don't pretty em' up we just tell it like we see it :-)


Question from Maryam:

I have Recently come across your product and have been amazed. Firstly i would like to confirm that Jump Up and gogo gluten free is completely gluten and lactose free. I have severe allergies and want to be sure.
Further i see a package for 2wk supply. Is there any way of getting a single serving for trial(i have had several bad experiences and would like to first try it) where would i be able to obtain a single serve package?  Please advise.

Our Jump Up and GoGo Gluten Free is COMPLETELY gluten free and we of course are lactose free. 
We actually take extreme precautions regarding our gluten free blend. Our blending and bagging process occurs completely separately from the rest of our production to ensure that we meet our very high standards for this line. Our gluten free blend is sans wheatgrass. As I am sure you are aware, wheatgrass in itself does not contain gluten, it is the wheat berry where the gluten resides. Because the harvesting of the wheatgrass is automated, our supplier is unable to guarantee that even a single wheat berry did not make it into the end product. For that reason we have eliminated the wheatgrass from our gluten free blend.
The ingredients in our gluten free blend are:
Cacao,Maca, Hemp, Goji, Acai, Bee Pollen

When we demo this blend, we usually mix it in about 8-10 oz of almond milk. I recommend you blend it. There are no sweeteners, fillers or binders so if you just stir or shake it, it will float and separate:-) Blending is always best. You can actually use any liquid (cold). I love it with coconut water too. Enjoy!



Question from Jenn:

I am wondering if the Jump up and go-go can be used in baking rather than in smoothies or juices. The reason being I do not drink much more than water, coffee or tea.


Jump Up and GoGo is a blend of pure, raw superfoods. The key being "raw". Unfortunately, if you bake or heat these wonderful superfoods you'll destroy the antioxidants and enzymes that make our blends so good for you.
We recommend that if you want, you can gently warm your gogo (don't boil) add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and it's pretty yummy.
Other folks have stirred it into yogurt or sprinkled it onto cereal.
I hope this helps you Jenn and we hope you enjoy our gogo as much as we do.


Question from Sheryl:

Question about the jump up and go go vegan, is it 21 servings of fruit and veggies per 2tablespoons or per 220 gram bag???


Its the ORAC antioxidant equivilant to 21 servings of fruits and vegetables per 2 TBSP. The main contributor to that crazy high ORAC score is the raw cacao.Here is a link to some information regarding ORAC scores http://oracvalues.com/  It's a good place to start research in this area.
Question from Ruth:

Your products look wonderful and i would really like to try them out.  Before i do, i am wondering if your products are safe for nursing mothers.

  Thanks for the inquiry.  We recommend that you check with your natural health practitioner but in general recommend that you use half of the suggested serving size.  A normal serving is 1 Tablespoon so you would cut that in half or even a quarter until you are done breastfeeding.  Here is a link for you to check out to help you with your decision:


One thing that is different with GoGo than, say, a chocolate bar, is that GoGo has RAW cacao so it is not processed in any way and also has NO sugar or other sweeteners added.  I think what it boils down to is personal preference and maybe trying it and playing with the serving size if you notice loose stools or fussiness with the baby.  This will also be affected by how old the baby is, it's weight etc.
Question from Jen:
Hi, I've had my chaga since September. I stopped using it for a couple of months and wondered how long the chaga powder keeps once opened?


It lasts approx. 2 years.  We get our ingredients when they're super fresh to maintain a decently long shelf life.  Hope you are enjoying it!!



Question from Ronit:

I really enjoy your product which I purchased at Welk's on Main St., Vancouver.
The only thing I would change is the ziploc closure which is difficult to handle, I struggle with it every time.
My question is if I can add one tablespoon of the powder (I have the gluten free one) to my daughter's (8 years old) hot chocolate.
I understand that cooking w/the powder is not recommended because it ruins the nutrients.
I usually add boiled water to the coco powder, add half a cup of milk and then, heat it a little in the microwave.
If I put the powder in the bowling water, will it affect the nutrients?


I know those bags can be a bit of a challenge sometimes :-)   We chose those because they are the most environmentally friendly while still adequately protecting the product.  Once in awhile though there is a very uncooperative one!  I would suggest maybe putting the GoGo in a sealable container. 

You could add some to your daughters hot chocolate only if it is cooled off a bit first.  If you put it directly in the boiling water then you are killing all of the live enzymes and vitamins in it.  I would make the hot chocolate, add the milk then add the GoGo. Hope this helps!!



Question from Hubert:

Your smoothie preparation looks interesting, but I have two questions.
How do you turn an excellent food such as wheatgrass into a powder that may sit for months in a bag without losing half of its nutritional value?
We evolved to digest whole foods, and there is some evidence to suggest that processed "superfoods" are too concentrated for our digestive system to handle, so that a significant fraction of these expensive products just pass straight through.  Do you have any hard evidence that the health smoothie craze is really any better for us than just eating good food?


Good Morning Hubert!!  Thanks for your questions.  There is so much pro and con info available these days that it is a little daunting to distill these issues down to their essence without being a scientist, but I will give you our take :-)


Personally, I use GoGo each morning but I also drink fresh wheatgrass juice every day, several times a day.  The reason I do this is that each has it's own benefits.  Freeze dried wheatgrass juice powder (as in the GoGo) is made from the same grass as fresh, but it is more concentrated, the fresh form of the juice is more bioactive so that makes it more therapeutic. One is a better vitamin and mineral supplement and the other is more appropriate if you are overcoming health issues. 

A powdered wheatgrass supplement is an easy and convenient way of drinking organic wheatgrass juice without hassle. A wheatgrass supplement is also great for people who do not like the taste of fresh wheatgrass juice.
  I quite enjoy the taste, and you may as well, but the simple fact of the matter is that MANY people will not drink a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice but will use it in powdered form.  Purchasing fresh wheatgrass juice from a health food store or smoothie shop is very expensive, and the plants’ origins and growing methods are unknown. I grow my own wheatgrass and know that there are many variables that affect the nutrition in it.  Has it been fertilized (and if so, with what), at what point in growth was it harvested, was it watered with chlorinated water, etc.

You are 100% correct  that we have evolved to digest whole foods! In our blends of superfoods, the wheatgrass is a powdered form of the juice.  The cacao, maca, hemp, goji berries, acai berries and bee pollen are all "whole food" products.  That is, it is not an extract of goji, nor a "flavor" of acai.  All of these are the whole food which has been dried and powdered so they are NOT superfoods that have been made into a concentrated form in a lab.  Our ingredients are not processed other than to dry and be crushed nor are they heated up when drying as this would cause a complete degradation in the vitamin and antioxidant levels.

You mention the "health smoothie craze".  If you look at the smoothie mixes on the shelf for these type of things you will not find a single one that does not have

  • sweeteners
  • fillers, that bulk up the bag to make it appear larger
  • binders, that make it easy to mix
  • "natural" flavors, to mask any unpleasant taste of the ingredients
  • etc, etc.

That is EXACTLY why I developed my product Hubert.  I did not want all the extra junk they add to things these days.  I wanted something with simple ingredients, no junk, and pure. Supplements should never be used in place of a good diet and exercise but too many people these days are doing neither.  One plus of our powdered supplement is that when you compare it to vitamin capsules, powder preparation is better as the body doesn't need to process the extra ingredients sometimes found in those capsules of tablets.

I guess what it really all boils down to is choice. We are all trying to stay healthy and doing the best we can.  A diet consisting of lots of healthy organic fruits and veggies is optimal but sadly lacking in many people's diets.  Nutrition doesn’t exist in a vacuum and no single food can provide all of the nutrients we need.  "Superfoods" aren’t magic—they’re super because they’re loaded with nutrients that play a role in promoting health and preventing disease. On one hand the term may be overused and over-hyped in the media but on the other hand is good to help identify foods with optimal nutrition levels.

Hope this answers your questions Hubert!!  PLEASE feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Add bounce to your step.


Individual Ingredients are

Certified Organic

Premium RAW Superfoods

  • 100% Organic and Raw
  • 100% Pure and Live
  • ZERO Fillers
  • ZERO Sweeteners
  • ZERO Added Flavors
  • Ethically Sourced
  • NO GMO's
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