From the Desk of Our Chief Formulator - Debbie

No matter what your personal preferences are, there's an enjoyable way to drink your GoGo!!


 These are our suggestions, please add a recipe below as to how you love your GoGo.


Begin with 1/4 serving size for the first few days, gradually working up to the full 2 Tablespoon serving size.

This is because your body needs to acclimate to the bee pollen.


I make fresh homemade juice with my Champion Juicer everyday, using whatever fresh fruit and veggies are easy to get and in season when possible.  I pour some of that in my Vitamix, add rice/soy/almond/coconut/flax milk, whatever I have (you could use real milk... we don't drink it but I know some of you love it), a handful of greens and my GoGo powder.  Yummy!!


If I'm short on time or travelling I mix my GoGo in homemade juice  that I've made ahead a day or two, and my "alternative to milk".  When travelling I always take my Oster personal blender as it's a small blender and travel sport bottle in one.


The yummy cacao in GoGo is complemented by orange juice if you enjoy chocolate and orange together and the Maca adds a nice nutty note.



My husband Mitch enjoys his GoGo with homemade nut milk.  Yes, he's spoiled and doesn't get it that way too often but wishes he did :-)


You don't have to get fancy.  JUST DON'T COOK IT as it destroys the enzymes and vitamins! Basically, any juice, milk or milk alternative you can think of is better with GoGo.  We'd love to hear how you




Debbie, Chief Formulator

Add bounce to your step.


Individual Ingredients are

Certified Organic

Premium RAW Superfoods

  • 100% Organic and Raw
  • 100% Pure and Live
  • ZERO Fillers
  • ZERO Sweeteners
  • ZERO Added Flavors
  • Ethically Sourced
  • NO GMO's
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